Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries


Sports injury claims are not straightforward. You need expert advice to see if you have a claim. We are experts in this area of personal injury. We are based in Sheffield, a great sporting city, and so have years of experience in sporting injuries and accidents.

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We are sports injury experts

As a nation of sport lovers, we all know that physical sports and activities can often carry with them a certain level of risk for those participating. Injuries to those unfortunate can sometimes occur that are not preventable and could be viewed as normal risk that you would take. Therefore, a person agreeing to play sports is considered to have consented to this natural level of risk of injury. If an injury occurs that is not part of normal play however, it may be possible to claim for injury compensation.

It is not only professional sports people that are entitled to claim compensation when they are injured whilst taking part in a sporting activity. Anyone who suffers a sports injury, whether taking part on a professional, semi-professional, amateur or recreational basis, should be entitled to claim compensation if someone else is the cause of the incident.

At Adam Law, we can deal with a range of sports injuries involving the following sports or physical activities:

  • Winter sports (such as skiing or skating)
  • Athletics
  • Water sports
  • Swimming
  • Football, Rugby or other team related sports
  • Exercise classes
  • Fitness clubs or gymnasiums
  • Motor sports
  • Taking part in physical education at school
  • Taking part in physical exercise/training in the Military

All our sports injury claims are handled on a no win, no fee basis.

Who Can Claim for a Sport Injury?

Each claim for a sports injury is based on the individual and situational circumstances. No two claims are often the same but examples of sports injury claims that may occur are:

  • Reckless or dangerous conduct by players
  • Unsafe or badly maintained equipment and facilities
  • A dangerous defect present on a pitch, court, equipment or other sporting facility
  • If a referee or umpire did not fulfil their duty to make all reasonable efforts to prevent unnecessary risks
  • Poor supervision or training where it would normally be required
  • Incorrect instructions from an instructor or trainer

All our sporting injury claims are handled on a no win, no fee basis.

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