Burns and scalds at work compensation claims

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What can I sue for if I’ve been burned or scalded at work?

You can claim damages for pain and suffering, any long term damage or loss to your body, loss or amenity and consequential losses or expenses that arise as a result of burns or scald suffered, including the cost of any ongoing medical treatment and specialist help.

Can I sue my employer for a burn or scald injury at work?

To sue your employer for compensation for burns or scald injury at work it will be necessary to prove negligence either against your employer or a co-worker or colleague. Establishing negligence is a specialist area and we advise you to contact us for further advice.

A summary of the employers duties to avoid accidental burns or scalds to an employee at work.

All employers have a duty to keep you safe at work and take proper care to remove or minimise the risks of an accident. The risk of burns and scalding should be eliminated wherever possible and if not possible your employer should provide appropriate safety wear, known as Personal Protective Equipment or PPE. An employer must also ensure staff have undergone appropriate Health and Safety training on how to keep themselves safe, the proper safety procedures and dangerous practices to avoid. The employer must have carried out a proper risk assessment. In addition to the general legislation covering safe work practices, the employer must have acted upon the Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992 and the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations (COSHH) 2002.

People at risk from burns and scalds at work

Whilst we may expect a risk from burns and scalds in heavy industry the truth is that even in a what you may think is a low risk workplace, such as an office or shop, there are risks from many sources such as electrical equipment, exposed hot water pipes, uncovered radiators, and of course the humble kettle and hot drinks can give very nasty burns.

There are many types of burns and scalds in a working environment;

  • Chemical burn accidents
  • burns and scalds in commercial kitchens from hot cooking oil, boiling water , hot surfaces and kitchen equipment
  • burn accidents with flammable substances
  • burns from faulty electrical appliances
  • burns in factories from hot metals
  • burns and scalds resulting from a trip

Phone us on 0114 256 0111 for a free consultation on your burns or scald at injury, or email us or fill in the contact form now to find out if you have a claim.