Full compensation for all your serious injury needs

Serious injury compensation must be a full package to cover all your needs, today and tomorrow.

Serious injury compensation claimWe are experts in serious injuries.

This means we take special care to ensure that your serious injury claim doesn’t just compensate you for your injury but will cover all your present and ongoing needs that arise from the injury.

This page explains the different ways your serious injury claim will be assessed and the types of loss, both present and future,  you can claim compensation for.

A serious injury compensation package can cover 4 main areas:

  • Damages for your injury.
  • Other general damages.
  • Reimbursement of quantifiable financial losses to date (‘special damages’, see below).
  • Disbursements

General damages for serious injuries

There will always be an element of compensation for your serious injury which can’t be precisely calculated. In these instances a degree of subjective judgment is needed to come to a conclusion about the appropriate amount of compensation due. The main areas are as follows:

  • Pain, suffering and loss of amenity.
  • Handicap in the labour market.
  • Psychological injuries.
  • Inability to return to any pre-accident occupation.
  • Loss of enjoyment where you have suffered disruption to a specific holiday.

Special damages for serious injuries

The court can make very accurate assessments of the damages due for financial losses and these are called special damages. They cover such items as:

  • Loss of earnings. This can include future earnings if the accident means that you are unlikely to return to work, or have to take lower paid work.
  • Items lost as a result of the accident.
  • Medical expenses.
  • Rehabilitation costs for your serious injury.
  • Cost of care. You do not need to have paid money to a family member or friend in order to have a claim for the care and assistance that would have been provided to you gratuitously. It is the law that an injured claimant who receives help free of charge from a friend, family member etc. can still claim against the responsible party a sum reflecting that help
  • Loss of pension.
  • Loss of use of motor vehicle.
  • The cost of specialist equipment such as wheelchairs and vehicles.
  • Specially adapted housing, such as lifts, bathroom and ramps.
  • Lifetime Payment for day to day living expenses, future equipment needs and ongoing medical treatment. This is called a periodical payment order (PPO).

As you can see there may be overlap and grey areas between special damages and general damages, this is another very good reason to use a solicitor that specialises in serious injuries.

Use a specialist solicitor for serious injury claims

Because many aspects of a serious injury can be subjective and hard to prove it is essential that you use a specialist solicitor. Only they will fully understand what a court needs to hear in order to award you the compensation you need and deserve. Your expert solicitor will know what questions to ask and will take a detailed statement from you in order to present your case as effectively as possible to the court.

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