Fraud is a serious white-collar crime that can lead to a prison sentence should you be convicted. If you have been accused of fraud you must contact Adam Law Solicitors immediately. Due to the large number of documents involved in fraud cases and the media interest that can accompany a fraud prosecution, it is vital to instruct our leading Fraud Solicitors to defend you and protect your interests.

If you are concerned you may be facing fraud charges, or have been charged, then you must contact Adam Law Solicitors as quickly as possible.  Call now for a free initial phone consultation.

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Our Fraud Solicitors are some of the UK’s leading experts on business crime and serious fraud. Adam Law Solicitors invest heavily in legal accreditations, including Lexcel and the Law Society Criminal Litigation Accreditation. These provide our clients with the confidence that we meet the exceptionally high standards for practice management and criminal litigation skills as set by the Law Society of England and Wales.

Adam Law Solicitors will defend clients accused of all types of fraud, including:

  • Fraudulent misrepresentation
  • False accounting
  • Mortgage fraud
  • Benefit fraud
  • Conspiracy to defraud
  • Boiler room fraud
  • VAT fraud
  • HMRC fraud
  • NHS fraud
  • Carousel fraud
  • Investment fraud
  • Insurance fraud
  • Fraud by abuse of position

Our clients range from SMEs to large companies with offices across the UK and abroad. The fraud specialists on our team have extensive experience in dealing with the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) and can bring on forensic accountants, valuers, insurance experts, and other specialists to provide additional support when building a defence, should this be required.

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Adam Law Criminal Solicitors 24hr emergency number 07976 850347

What is fraud?

Fraud is when a person uses deception and/or false statements to gain a dishonest advantage, which is often financial, over another person or organisation. Fraud offences are wide-ranging and are set out in both legislation and common law (i.e. law made by the Courts).

What are the sentences applied to fraud convictions?

Most people who are prosecuted for fraud have never appeared in Court before, and the prospect of going to prison is petrifying. Our Fraud Solicitors understand the stress a criminal trial places on you and your family and will work tenaciously to ensure the best outcome possible is achieved.

Maximum sentences for fraud vary in relation to the type of fraud you have been charged with. For example, mortgage, insurance, and credit fraud carry a maximum sentence of 10 years imprisonment under the Fraud Act 2006, however, sentences of this length are rarely handed down. In cases where the fraud involves a one-off transaction for a small amount of money, a community-based sentence and a fine are more likely to be imposed than a custodial sentence.

Why choose Adam Law Solicitors?

Clients who achieve the best results are proactive in that they appoint a Fraud Solicitor immediately. At Adam Law Solicitors, our experience and intelligence when handling fraud allegations can lead to charges against our clients being dropped.

The early stages of an investigation are critical and have a major influence on the outcome. Even before charges have been made it is vitally important that you appoint a Fraud Solicitor. Our pre-charge service includes:

  • Advising on whether to challenge illegal searches and arrests and/or contest restraint (freezing) orders.
  • Determining whether authorisation for surveillance was properly granted.
  • Preparing detailed letters of representation.
  • Assisting with the return of seized property.

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If you are concerned you may be facing fraud charges, or are already facing charges, then it is essential you contact us as quickly as possible.  Please email us or use the form on this page.