Personal Injury Case Studies

Personal Injury Case studies

We handle all types of personal injury claims from injuries at work to accidents in the gym. Examples below give you some idea of the breadth of our experience and demonstrate that we are able to represent you no matter what your injury or how it occurred*.

Accidents at work

Blow to head

Head I~njury at work compensation claim
Our client was working as a refuse bin collector. He was in the process of managing a four wheeled metal bin which had been clamped onto the refuse truck lifting mechanism and hoisted up ready to be emptied. The clamping mechanism failed and the bin fell from a height hitting his head. It was a heavy metal bin so it hit his head with quite a force and his neck and back were jolted quite sharply backwards. Following his accident our client;

  1. Needed physiotherapy.
  2. Had an Occupational Health assessment, which found that he would not be expected to resume work.
  3. Suffered stress symptoms; intrusive thoughts, night terrors, avoidance behavior, increased arousal, elevated general anxiety and a specific phobia.
  4. Found that his gardening and DIY activities were affected.

As well as his general damages, we also pursued a claim for Loss of Earnings, Loss of Pension Contributions, Past and future care. Our client was awarded £31,000.

Burns and scalds at work

Hot oil burn

Our client tripped over a defective raised Lino floor covering resulting in hot oil spilling from the pan onto the client’s arm causing burns. Liability admitted.  Client suffered permanent scarring to some areas and reduced sensation. The client was awarded £7,800.

Burns from a Furnace

Our client suffered burns when salt spurted out of a furnace at work.  Liability was admitted. Our client received £10,000 in damages.

Laser Hair treatment scarring

Our client suffered facial scarring to the face and psychological symptoms  as a result of laser hair treatment.  The case is currently ongoing.

Road Traffic Accidents

Multiple injuries and psychological damage to a child

Our client, a child at the time, was involved in a road traffic accident. The client suffered injuries to the neck, back, shoulders, scarring, nasal injury, fractured ribs, wrist injury, eye injury, jaw injury. Our client also suffered psychological injuries, including travel anxiety, mood and sleep disturbance where he required CBT treatment. Our client was awarded £23,000.

*The injury has to be someone else’s fault.