Motorbike Accident Claims

Motorbike Accident Claims

At Adam Law Solicitors, we are here to help motorbike riders just like you, get access to necessary motorbike accident compensation. Our experts offer a motorbike accident claim service which is designed to suit the specific needs of motorbike enthusiasts.
It is important to act quickly, contact us now and we will give you a free assessment of your situation and advise on your claim.

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As experts in motorbike accident claims, we know just how important your bike is to you, as a mean of transport and leisure. This is why the service we offer for motorbike accident claims is specially designed to help motorbike riders who have been involved in accidents on the road where they were not to blame.
Because of our expertise in this area, we can give advice and support on a range of motorbike injuries you may have suffered compensation.
Sadly other road users just don’t understand how vulnerable a motorbike driver and their passenger can be, so they often don’t take sufficient care around motor bikes. Roads and road surfaces are made for four wheeled vehicles.  Even if you are well dressed with protective leathers and a good helmet and drive with great care and foresight it can only take a careless driver pulling out or cutting you up for an accident you can’t possible avoid.

What to do if you’ve had a motorbike accident

If you have been injured in a motorbike or a cycling accident which wasn’t your fault then you have the right to claim compensation from the person or party which caused your accident.
As with any accident on a public highway you must

  • make a note of the make, colour and model of any other vehicles involved, with their number plates
  • note any damage to other vehicles involved
  • make a note of the other drivers’ names and addresses
  • do not make any admissions about liability
  • try and draw a rough sketch plan of the accident scene and where the vehicles ended up (if possible go back later and take some proper measurements)
  • write down your version of the incident
  • get photos taken of your injuries
  • get names and addresses of any witnesses
  • see a doctor as quickly as possible so that your injuries are noted
  • see a doctor again if your conditions worsens or new injuries emerge

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Don’t delay, the sooner you act the better your recall of events and the sooner we can get the compensation that is your right.