Bed sore claims

When can I claim compensation for a bed sore?

Bed sores should not happen in any hospital or care home. A bed sore falls below the standard of care you should expect in any health care residence. The organisation should have well established procedures for monitoring anyone who has to stay in bed for long periods of time.

If a bed sore or pressure ulcer occurs there is a very high probability that it was therefore caused by inadequate care or negligence. This means that any bed sore is a potential claim for compensation.

How can I claim compensation for a bed sore?

Bed sores can be very painful and even life threatening. Claiming compensation is both reasonable and a responsible thing to do. Knowing that a bed sore may lead to a case being brought, and potentially substantial damages awarded against the institution, is a powerful encouragement to keep care to the highest standard.

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Bed sore compensation claim

When can bed sores happen?

Bed and pressure sores can happen when a person is in bed for a long time. They can happen to anyone, not just the elderly. What’s more they can occur in any institution for instance, a hospital, a care home or a nursing home.

A pressure sore or pressure ulcer can occur where  staff are too busy to give proper care, as might be the case in an NHS hospital. They can also happen if staff fail to ensure that a care home residents care plan is carried out properly.

How does a pressure sore happen?

A bed ulcer or pressure sore happens when someone is left in the same position for a long period. This cuts off the blood supply. This has serious consequences, and there is a grading system for assessing the severity of any bed sore.

Please see our clinical negligence Frequently Asked Questions for more information.