5 Must dos for accident at work claims

5 Must do’s for accident at work claims

If you have an accident at work there are 5 key steps you need to take, to ensure you stand the best chance of making a successful claim.

Accident at work claimTry to carry these out as soon as possible after your accident at work. Doing this will help increase the likelihood of your claim succeeding. But if you can’t do some of these steps immediately don’t let that put you off doing them. They are important to your accident at work claim even if you can’t do them straight away.

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  1. Report the accident to your employers immediately or as soon as possible and take the name of whom you report to. Make sure it is recorded in the Accident Book.
  2. Obtain details of witnesses.
  3. Seek medical attention by attending a GP or Hospital.
  4. Keep details of any financial losses incurred.
  5. Consult a solicitor.

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