Racially Aggravated Assault

Specialist racially aggravated assault solicitors

Racial assault laywer solicitor sheffieldWe are one of the few dedicated law teams handling racially aggravated assault in the UK.

We successfully represented a Muslim schoolgirl who suffered a serious racist assault whilst wearing a hijab in Sheffield in late 2019. This was a very high profile case that attracted great national interest. After this we realised that there is a need for a specialist solicitors’ firm to handle such cases. So we established a specialist team of lawyers to represent anyone who has suffered a racially aggravated assault, ABH or GBH.

The addition of a racist element to an assault makes the case more sensitive and also more complex. We need to ensure that the racist aggravation will be taken into account by the court. We also understand that it can be even more stressful and intimidating bringing a case of this kind.

Expert advice and legal resources for our BAME communities

We are based in a very mixed community in Sheffield and many of our staff are BAME. We have had a lot of experience working with BAME communities for many years. You will have a supportive and understanding team working on your behalf. Due to our extensive work in immigration we can easily arrange a translator when needed.

A racially aggravated assault law firm for the whole of the UK

Whilst we are based in Sheffield we take on cases from all over the UK. We can arrange home visits from our representatives anywhere in the British Isles. Most, if not all the work on a case can easily be carried out online, using email and apps such as Facetime and Skype.

Free initial consultation

We provide a free initial phone consultation during which we will usually be able to establish if you have a case that can proceed.

Contact us now

If you wish to talk with us please get in touch straight away. Cases like this can be very time sensitive. It is often very important to gather evidence as soon as possible after the assault took place. This is because memories can quickly fade and witnesses can move.

Phone us on 0114 256 0111 or you can email us, or use the form on this page.