Cycling Accident Claims

Cycling Accident Claims


We are experienced cycling injury solicitors. Our dedicated cycling accident compensation team are on hand to offer guidance and support when you need it most.

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If you’ve had a cycling injury or accident that wasn’t your fault then please contact as without delay. We are very experienced in cycling accidents and will be able to assess whether you have a claim you can make. It’s important to act quickly while your memory, and any witnesses memories is clear.

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Whether you cycle to work, cycle for a hobby or are a professional rider, we know there’s a great feeling to be had from riding your bike that you can’t gain from walking or from driving everywhere.

Unfortunately, cycling can come with its hazards, which can come at a price as we know all too well at Adam Law Solicitors.

Types of cycling accident claims

Our experience at Adam Law in cycling accident compensation claims means we have dealt with wide variety of claims involving:

  • Cycling accidents caused by another vehicles – you may have being knocked off your bike because of a car, motorbike or lorry driver not paying attention.
  • Cycling accidents caused by pedestrians – you may have been knocked off your bicycle due to a lack of care by a pedestrian. For example, if a pedestrian steps out into the road without looking this could result in a cycling accident claim.
  • Cycling caused by poor road conditions – This could include bicycle accidents caused by potholes or other uneven road surfaces and bicycle accidents caused by ice in areas which should be gritted to minimise the risk of accidents.
  • Cycling accidents caused by faulty products – If the bike you are using was faulty and this caused an injury, this may result in a case for compensation

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