Immigration Asylum Services

Immigration Asylum Services

If you fear torture, death and/or inhumane or degrading treatment or punishment if you were to return to your country of origin, and you are unable or unwilling to get protection from your government, you might be eligible to make a claim for asylum in the UK. Let us see if you could qualify for a grant of discretionary leave to remain.

Applying for Asylum

An asylum application can be made at anytime, while you are in the UK, however experience has shown that asylum application made at the earliest possible opportunity can help in the application been granted.

The asylum application can briefly be explained in 4 stages, and we give a brief overview of those stages below.


All asylum application must be made at the Home Office in Croydon, it will be necessary for the applicant to pre arrange a time to interview.

At the initial interview the asylum seeker will be asked some basic questions, i.e. their names, nationality country of origin whether they travel to the UK on their own if they have relatives or friends in the UK etc. They will then be given the opportunity to explain why they need asylum.

First Meeting

After the screening interview in most cased the immigration authorities will schedule a first meeting for the asylum seeker and his/her case owner. The case owner will be a representative from the Home Office, and will be responsible for your asylum application through the process.

Asylum Interview

This is where the asylum will be able to explain reasons for seeking asylum will be heard and examined in details. It is important to attend the asylum interview as failure to do so could result in your application been refused.

It is important that the asylum seeker takes legal advice before the asylum interview, as an expert immigration advisor will be able to gather evidence in support of the application. Such evidence can be in the form of medical reports, psychiatric reports and evidence of human rights abuse etc.

Application outcome

The case owner will try to make a decision regarding application within one month after the application was made. This can sometimes be delayed for a number of reasons.

Outcome of Application

If the application is granted, that is the end of the matter; the asylum seeker will be granted five years leave to remain. If on the other hand the application is refused, in most cases the asylum seeker will have the right of appeal against the refusal.

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